Opening a forex account is easy and also you need not pay any fees for your account opening, some forex brokers give no deposit bonus without any initial deposit from you to your new forex account some brokers give $25 with or with out your mobile number and Email verification. Some brokers give more than 50 to 100 as no deposit bonus to new customers with some conditions like you need to deposit more than the earning from that no deposit bonus with in a limited period (which may be 1 week to 1 month).Image result for forex
The beginners are better to go for initial training to avoid loosing your money. The forex brokers conduct training programmers in several places and also the training is available online. Once you go through the taining programme you understand the risk and how to get profit in forex.

The list of forex brokers are given below you can sign up and get no deposit bonus from some brokers with or without mobile number verification
Click here to view the list of brokers providing no deposit bonus

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