There are so many websites which provide best tips for intraday and future stocks, the beginners in the share market can better look at the advise and tips given by the expert for about 1 to 2 weeks regularly with out investing, once you start investing the losses may disturb your mind and you decide to quit trading. Reading chart and news also important in getting profit. search for better intraday and market tips provider on google to get better knowledge before starting investing on real account.
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Everyone think that finding a right stock is harder, and there is only more chances of loss than gain. But i personally advise all my friends those who  are interested in trading that finding a right stock has never been harder. The most profitable secrets of the worlds great investors is they keep on watching the stock market news and they only invest in few stocks. When you invest in many stocks you can not make continuous view on the up and downs, in the beginning better you go for one or two stocks and look at the news daily about their technical.
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